Photo: Eleanor Wynne Davis

Solo performance piece for violin & viola written as part of a two week residency October 2010, with The Society for Curious Thought.

First performed March 2011at Howtosayto, hosted by Ergo Phizmiz Bridport Arts Centre. Recorded live at J&J Studio Bristol, March 2011.

She was in a cabin on the fens for 10 days, it rained a lot, she was lonely.

She spent time thinking about family.

She doesn't know this part of the world at all; it could have been the other side of the world.

As it happens her unknown mother and sister live 15 miles away from the cabin.

She thought about them and about her mum mum, who lives in Wales, who she loves dearly, Wales felt a long way away.

Knowing, not knowing and unknowing.

Nature and nurture.